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As a traditional business owner, I was always keen on researching new ways to market my business. I invested a lot of time and money in coaching, books and courses. Precious time spent away from doing what I enjoy in my company. 

I realised when social media came along that it would be a great way to promote my business but had no idea where to start! 

I was far from a millennial, and this new social media thing just didn't come naturally to me. I spent time studying influencers and businesses, just watching and learning before gaining the confidence to try it myself! I found Facebook and Instagram the most exciting and fun platforms to grow my business.

My research has taken me past so many business accounts, and I suddenly had the realisation that within the car industry, the feeds seem very 'samey'. I realised that I could help many companies in the auto industry get started and effectively use social media platforms to increase their profits. 

I hadn't come across a clear and easy to understand guide to Instagram, so I created my own! 

My guide may not be free forever, however, if you are quick you can download it here https://jo.my/car_social

I'd love to hear what you think.

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